The Beauty of an Open Space

I discovered the concept of open spaces while doing research for a writing project.  Basically, it is public land set aside, and depending on its layout, the open space is shared by people in the community.  The open space I have been using for over a year is kid-friendly.  Strollers are welcome.  The paths and roads are shared by walkers, cyclists, runners, skaters, etc.  Horses and their riders are also welcome here because the dirt paths are wide enough to accommodate them.

A salmon habitat runs through it, and depending on the time of year, you can hear the water rushing through the property.

I grew up in the Sacramento River Delta.  My father farmed the same pear orchard for decades.  Although my family moved to Sacramento in 1970, I always feel at home in settings with a country feel.

I am blessed to have a sanctuary so close to my home.  On a bright spring day like today, I had to get to that open space.  It’s become a habit for me to grab my dog for my walking companion.  We like taking strolls through a quiet place.  He’s not much of a walker, but strangers will tease me and ask, “Who’s walking who?”

Not very many people are able to own acreage these days unless they are willing to hunt for it and pay huge amounts of money for the privacy.  You pay for Paradise.  In the past, I thought it would be so nice to own a couple of acres of land.  I know better.  As a farm girl, I find it a waste to let land lay fallow.  You have to make time for what you own, and having land is no different.  But many people hang onto property–just to say that they have it.  There it sits.  Wasted.

So I take advantage of what is offered to me as Jane Public.  I don’t own this open space.  I don’t have the headache of working the land.  Or plopping farm animals on it.

Yet, this open space is mine to visit and enjoy.

One comment

  1. marlenebertrand · March 30, 2013

    I didn’t know places like “open spaces” existed. What a wonderful way to be able to relax and enjoy nature.

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