Quick and Easy Corned Beef Hash for Two



What to do with leftover corned beef?  At our home, we look forward to sandwiches and hash.  This year, I forgot to pick up a can of sauerkraut for the sandwiches.  Instead, I decided to make corned beef hash for last Sunday’s breakfast.  I thought about getting this dish together at the last minute, so I had to hurry.  Otherwise, breakfast was going to turn into lunch, and we were already so hungry.

It is just the two of us, so I chopped everything as fast as I could and threw it into my trusty cast iron skillet.  I usually don’t measure anything when I’m cooking for me and Mister Jack on a lazy weekend morning. 

My advice?  Use your leftovers and whatever you have available in your kitchen and pantry, and everything will be all right. Hash is not limited to corned beef. Try this recipe with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving. Or with leftover ham after Easter. Diced chicken is another option.

Quick Corned Beef Hash for Two


Leftover corned beef

4 strips bacon

3-5 potatoes

4 ribs celery

1 red or green red pepper

1 onion (optional)

1-2 cups shredded cheese


1.  Cut bacon into pieces and brown.  Set aside.  Drain excess fat and leave about a teaspoon for frying.



2.  Chop the corned beef,celery, and bell pepper as shown below. Dice the potatoes.  Cook and stir celery, bell peppers and potatoes over medium heat until vegetables soften.



3.  Add corned beef and bacon to skillet mixture.  Stir. 


4.  Sprinkle mixture with shredded cheese.  Cover.



5.  When the cheese has melted, the hash is ready to serve.








  1. marlenebertrand · March 12, 2014

    You had me at “Quick and Easy”! I have never cooked this dish myself. I’ve only seen and tried the kind found in the can. Since that was my only experience with corned beef hash, I never thought I needed to add this dish to my repertoire of meals. Since I trust the recipes you share, I thought I would take a look and I’m glad I did. I think I will like this a lot. Thank you for your alternative suggestions. I have all the ingredients to make this with chicken if I want to make it now, but I might wait until I have some corned beef and make it true to your recipe.

  2. ChgoJohn · March 12, 2014

    Thanks, Arlene, for sharing this recipe. For all the times I’ve made corned beef, I’ve never made hash. I get carried away with the sandwiches and next thing I know, there’s nothing left for hash. This year I’ll try to be a little more disciplined and make hash. After all, it’s a very good meal, too. 🙂

    • Arlene Poma · March 12, 2014

      John, this year is corned beef hash because I forgot to buy the stuff for our sandwiches! I look forward to at least two more corned beef and cabbage meals (plus leftovers) before the month is out. Seems like we can’t resist buying the corned beef because they are displayed everywhere we go. Can’t resist!

  3. Raymund · March 25, 2014

    This is one of our comfort meals, with garlic fried rice and eggs its the perfect breakfast

    • Arlene Poma · March 25, 2014

      I’m going to have to try your dish! My mom used to make breakfast from leftover white rice, bacon bits and eggs. I’m sure a little garlic and some corned beef hash would be added to her recipe would be a nice change.

  4. Pingback: Mama’s Quick and Easy Potatoes and Corned Beef Hash | lovelyseasonscomeandgo
    • Arlene Poma · April 17, 2014

      Wow! You’ve got an impressive list of recipes included with your recipe for corned beef hash. For some reason, we could not burn out on corned beef. I read that you can freeze packaged corned beef for a month, and frozen corned beef for about two months. Thanks for the pingback and additional recipes to try.

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