Xochimilco Mexican Restaurant & Grille


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There are so many Mexican restaurants in Sacramento, but Xochimilco Mexican Restaurant & Grille is a favorite.  I am a sucker for businesses run by families.  Especially the restaurants that treat me like I’m part of the family.  Since I could not find anyone to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with me for lunch, I waited until Mister Jack got off work.  Of course, we both chose Xochimilco.

Cinco de Mayo, like many holiday celebrations in Sacramento, can get really wild.  Me and Mister Jack don’t care for huge crowds or being around people who can’t control their drinking.  When you’re on vacation, it’s different.  You may or may not have a choice when it comes to a tourist destination.  Or if you decided to board a cruise ship.  You know what I mean.

It’s nice to be able to sit and talk over a delicious meal.  We do like taking our time because dining out has become a treat for us.  I’ve come to enjoy cooking most of our meals.  When we do go out to eat, we usually clear our plates and leave a good tip.  I admire restaurant staff who remain gracious as they serve us.  I know what it’s like to spend hours and hours on your feet.  Somehow, these people manage to smile and get the job done.

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We got to Xochimilco before 5 p.m.  About 15 minutes later, the party crowd began to filter in.  The Mariachi band would probably drop in at any time.

“I’ll tip them so they’ll sing and play for you,” I told Mister Jack.

“I’ll tell everyone it’s your birthday so everyone can sing to you,” he replied.

“My birthday isn’t until the end of the month.”

“So what!  They’ll sing to you anyway.”

“You’re right,” I sighed.  “Let’s forget the whole thing.”

A slow smile spread across his face.

Sometimes, it’s best to surrender before someone puts a sombrero on your head and everyone in the room sings to you.

Been there, done that.  No thank you!

Since the two of us agreed on a truce, we got down to business and ordered our Cinco de Mayo dinner.

We finished our meal as more people piled into the restaurant.  Time for our exit.

Believe it or not, I picked up the tab.  And the best part of our Cinco de Mayo celebration?

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I ordered the chiles rellenos meal to take home.  Now, I won’t need to fix Jack’s lunch for the next day!

For more information on the Xochimilco Mexican Restaurant & Grille, here’s a link:






  1. marlenebertrand · May 13, 2014

    I really enjoyed reading about your Cinco de Mayo “celebration”. It sounds like you and Mister Jack had a wonderful time. Let me tell you how fabulous your photos are… I was scrolling down the “Blogs I Like” to find something to read. The instant I saw your photos I said in my head, “That’s Arlene’s blog!” Sure enough, it was your blog. You sure do know how to work that camera. Gorgeous photos and a well-written story to boot. I’m stuffed.

    • Arlene Poma · May 14, 2014

      Why, thank you my dear friend! Your support and compliments are always appreciated. They always are. I don’t have to be paid for my writing and photographs. On the Internet, you know that everything is stolen. As a writer and a photographer, my job is to inform as well as entertain. Whenever I get a nice comment, that is good enough for me. It shows that I have done my job. Take care, Girl.

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