Duct Tape Caddies

These days, duct tape comes in all kinds of colors and patterns.  While knocking around my home with five rolls of duct tape on a miserable gusty spring day, I thought about all the mom and pop establishments, the greasy spoons and truck stops that my husband and I have been lucky enough to experience during our road trips together.  Many times, while sitting at those restaurants, I remember the simple cardboard boxes that once held six or four, 12-oz. bottles of soda or beer.  These were used hold utensils, napkins and condiments.  Locally, I found a restaurant that decorated their cardboard caddies with colorful duct tape.  Their duct tape caddies held plastic forks and napkins so that staff never had to set their tables again. 

After speaking to the owner about her craft project, I found these duct tape caddies easy to make at home.  They are kid-friendly because measurements aren’t needed.  All you need to do is wrap the duct tape around the cardboard and cut it.

Duct Tape Caddies 


duct tape (your choice of colors and patterns)

cardboard containers for six or four, 12-oz. soda or beer bottles


1)  Place duct tape on the bottom of the cardboard container for support.

2)  Wrap duct tape around cardboard container–starting and stopping (and cutting off tape) at the same corner.

3)  Cover handle with duct tape and cut out the handle for carrying.

4)  Place utensils, napkins and condiments inside caddies.  Display proudly on kitchen or picnic table.


  1. marlenebertrand · April 12, 2013

    I thought I’d let you know that I woke up thinking about making duct tape caddies. They are such a great idea for the garden area. I don’t have to worry about them falling over and breaking or getting all banged up. I have several different colors of duct tape in my crafts box and think I’ll make a hunter green one first (the color of the garden furniture and umbrella). That’s going to look so nice.

    • Arlene Poma · April 12, 2013

      Marlene, this project is so easy! I’m sure you will have fun making your garden caddies. I am such a whimp. The only problems I had was pulling the duct tape away from the roll and smoothing the bumps and bubbles on the cardboard. So many colors and patterns of duct tape out there. Next time I’m at the crafts store, I’ll pick up an animal print and something psychedelic. I am down to my last bottle of orange cream soda. The soda can wait! I just need the cardboard container!

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